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The Crew

The Crew

From Seeds
To Sapling

It all started just over ten years ago with a plan to build smart, quality, eco-friendly homes. “McMansions” were being built with the minimum amount of insulation, huge inefficient HVAC systems, and extra space that served little to no purpose. Quite simply, these houses were going to be completely undesirable over the next 20-30 years, if they weren’t already. We had other ideas… smarter homes, with large open floor plans, super-insulated, with smaller ultra-efficient HVAC systems. With the environment and cutting-edge building technology in mind, our goal was to build homes that would run on very little energy, or with the addition of solar panels, could actually be net-zero energy homes. 

A New Leaf

In 2015, dreams became a reality by adding a wood shop to the business where all of our own cabinetry and built-ins for our projects are made. Every piece that comes out of the shop is second to none. Not only that, all of the wood is formaldehyde free, use soy-based glues, and is 100% FSC certified. Our finishers use the most advanced paints and finishes as well, keeping air quality and environmental impact at the forefront of these creative and unique additions to our projects. We love working with clients to design and produce beautiful, custom cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms and it's a treat to also think of ways to make every nook useful with a built-in, banquette, closet, bar, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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The Crew  / 2018

The Crew / 2018


Ten years MIGHTY, we are very proud of the 200+ projects we’ve worked on in the seacoast area! Our number one goal for every project is to make our clients happy. Of course, there are other goals too—building to the highest standards of our craft, staying informed about the latest breakthroughs in building science, and keeping the health of our clients at the forefront of our decisions. Our work is fun and every employee is passionate about what they do so we never stop learning about ways to improve our projects.